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Amateur Astronomers Association of Pittsburgh Amateur Astronomers Association of Pittsburgh

Download the 2014 Mingo Star Party Schedule Brochure: 


AAAP 2014 Star Party Schedules 
Mingo Creek Park Observatory      

Mingo Creek Park Observatory     40.2110 N, 80.0190 W

Mingo Creek County Park, Washington County, PA 
Apr 4,5 
May 2,3
Jun 6,7 
Jul 18,19
Aug 1,2,29,30
Sep 13,27
Oct 11 Moonrise Star Party 
Oct 25 
Nov 29 Bundle Up Starfest 
Wagman Observatory
Deer Lakes Park, Allegheny County, PA 
Mar 8 Winterfest
Apr 4,5 
May 2,3 
Jun 6,7, 
Jul 11,12 
Aug 1,2,29,30 
Sep 13.27 
Oct 11 Moonrise Star Party, 
Nov 1

Visit the AAAP Website at

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New Member Application 

Existing Member Renewal Form  

General Membership Information

Regarding "join the NSN through the AAAP," in other words in order to obtain a NSN Username and Password through the AAAP, one must first become an AAAP Member, by submitting the New Member Application, dues, and follow the process as outlined by the Executive Committee in 2013. 

Existing members who's names appear on the AAAP Membership Directory, need only request entry to NSN and verify membership by name on AAAP Membership Directory or validation by AAAP Treasurer or AAAP Memberhsip Secretary.

January General Membership Meeting - Members and Invited Guests Only 

January brings the annual "Planetarium Show," Friday, January 10, 2014, 7:30 PM - 9:30 PM at Carnegie Science Center.
Public AAAP Meetings resume in February 2014, continued:

February 14

Dr. Stephen Kane, California Institute of Technology, Habitable Zones and Exoplanets – Remote Presentation, at Carnegie Science Center, Bayer Auditorium

March 14

George Guzik, AAAP Member, AAAP Past President, Trip to Chile, at Allegheny Observatory

April 11 

Dr. James LoPresto, Professor Emeritus, Edinboro and Kitt Peak Observatory, The Solar Magnetic Cycle, at Carnegie Science Center, Bayer Auditorium

May 9 

Tom Field – Remote Presentation, Contributing Editor, S&T, Amateur Astro-Spectrometry, at Carnegie Science Center, Bayer Auditorium


For detailed information on the featured presentations please contact, Terry Trees,     


Latest Information
Be sure to 'like' the Amateur Astronomers Association of Pittsburgh on Facebook for the most up-to-date information.

AAAP 2014 Star Party Schedules


Mingo Creek Park Observatory           Mingo Schedule Brochure: 

Mingo Creek County Park, Washington County, PA

Apr 4,5

May 2,3

Jun 6,7

Jul 18,19

Aug 1,2,29,30

Sep 13,27

Oct 11 Moonrise Star Party

Oct 25

Nov 29 Bundle Up Starfest



Wagman Observatory

Deer Lakes Park, Allegheny County, PA

Mar 8 Winterfest

Apr 4,5

May 2,3

Jun 6,7,

Jul 11,12

Aug 1,2,29,30

Sep 13.27

Oct 11 Moonrise Star Party

Nov 1  

Typical Mingo Public Star Party Schedule

7:30 PM Open Rain or shine, cloudy or clear!
Mingo's Richard A. Haddad Planetarium:
8:00 PM Sky Show;
8:40 PM Presentation: Introduction to Amateur Astronomy;
9:20 PM Sky Show;
10:00 PM Movie: Cosmic Castaways

Rules for the 2013 KJB Astrophotography Contest :

Contest Categories for 2013 are as follows:

• Atmospheric
• Galaxy
• Nebula
• Stellar (Clusters, Constellations, Doubles, Star Trails, Etc.)
• Lunar / Planetary / Solar

If you have a question on the suitability of an image for a particular category please reach out to us. Images containing more than one image type (galaxy with an open cluster pairing) are up to the photographer to decide which category is most appropriate.

Rules -

  1. The Kevin Brunelle Photography Contest is open to all active AAAP Members
  2. All images entered should concern areas of interest to the AAAP
  3. Remote imaging is allowed provided the equipment is owned and setup by the astrophotographer
  4. The image must be the sole work of the contestant and may not be a collaborative work
  5. All images submitted must have been captured after the deadline for the November 8th 2013 KJB Contest and must be submitted on or before November 1st 2013
  6. No more than 5 entries per category per person (25 images maximum per person)
  7. Starting in 2013 we ask that contestants please hold back on posting any images to the Yahoo group or bringing attention to any images that will be entered in the contest for a period of 2 months leading up to the contest.

Directions for submission:

Please submit images to nmbrandt@... or billsnyder51@... on or before November 1st. Compressed image file formats like JPEG are preferred but all formats will be accepted. Please break up your submissions into several emails to decrease your chances of a single large email not going through. Please include with each image, either in the email or as the file name, what you would like the image to be called and in what category you would like to submit it in.

A CD or USB thumb drive can also be mailed to Nathan at: Nathan Brandt, KJB Photography Contest, 2520 Campmeeting Rd., Sewickley, PA 15143. Please be sure to postmark by Oct 29th to ensure delivery by Nov 1st.




First place winners in all categories will have their images printed (with your name in the bottom right corner), framed, and hung in both Wagman and Mingo Observatories in recognition of your photographic accomplishments.




By entering the Kevin J. Brunelle Photography contest, you retain the rights to your works while granting the AAAP the right to copy, distribute, display, and perform your copyrighted work – and derivative works based upon it – provided AAAP credits the copyright holder. Examples would include but are not limited to public display at AAAP facilities, public star parties, and club meetings in digital and print media.


Attention all AAAP Members,

The KJB Astrophotography Contest Committee would like a moment of your time to complete an important survey to help guide the direction of future KJB Contests for the AAAP. We thank you for your time and your participation.

The KJB Photography Contest Committee


Latest Issue of the Guide Star

Club Contact Information
  Coordinators: Kathleen DeSantis
Joyce A Osborne-Fischer
John Holtz
JoAnne Trees
Nathan Brandt
  Contact Information: P.O. Box 314
Pittsburgh, PA 15116
Upcoming Events:
Tue 4/22/2014
7:30 PM - 9:00 PM
Tue 4/22/2014
8:00 PM
2014 Mingo Lyrid Viewing
Fri 4/25/2014
10:00 AM - 1:30 PM
Wild Earth Day
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