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Earth Timeline Activity and Watery Worlds

.Banner: Earth Timeline Activity and Watery Worlds .Banner: Earth Timeline Activity and Watery Worlds

When in Earth's history did life develop?
How long did it take for complex life to develop?
What can these answers tell us about the type of life we might find on other planets?

Guess when various kinds of organisms first developed in the history of Earth. Then reveal actual timeline of life. The early development of simple life and the relatively late development of complex life changes many people's ideas of what alien life may look like.

The back of this banner has an overview of the watery worlds of our Solar System. Or download that separately below.

Activity Video: See it in actionActivity Video: See it in action

Download FileDownload Earth Timeline Activity Write-up (PDF, 472 KB)
Download FileDownload Earth Timeline Banner to Printwith Watery Worlds (5x2 ft) (PDF, 5.24 MB)
Download FileDownload Earth Timelime Life Forms Sheet (PDF, 865 KB)
Download FileDownload Watery Worlds Banner alone (5x2 ft) (PDF, 3.83 MB)

To access files, you need Adobe Acrobat Reader and Quicktime.

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