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Eastbay Astronomical Society
EAS Monthly Lecture/Presentation
Eastbay Astronomical Society: EAS Monthly Lecture/Presentation
EAS Monthly Lecture/Presentation
"Robots - Past, Present, and Future",
  by Lorenzo Riano

Date: Saturday, 12/8/2012
Time: 7:30 PM - 9:00 PM
Location: Chabot Space & Science Center, 10000 Skyline Blvd, Oakland, CA 94619 (Get Directions)
Information for Visitors:

"Robots - Past, Present, and Future"

Lorenzo Riano
(To view, and/or print, a 1-page flier containing Lorenzo's biography and photo plus an abstract of his talk, click on the DOCument link below.)

The field of Robotics has shown to be a society-changing force whose exponential growth is soon going to play a significant role in people's lives.  Governments are investing more and more money to advance the technology and accelerate the time when robots will be pervasive.  In spite of the efforts of universities and companies around the world the technology is still not mature enough that robots can be deployed reliably outside controlled environments.

In this talk Lorenzo Riano will highlight the major achievements of the past few years, the problems that remain unsolved and the direction robotics is going.  Particular emphasis will be put on de-mystifying robotics from Hollywood imagination and highlighting how robots can make a difference in people's lives.

This EAS meeting at CSSC will be held in the Hauben Room (adjacent the Library).

There is no fee for attending this particular EAS event.  Our programs are made possible solely by your annual membership dues, donations, and occasional small contributions for food and drinks.  We simply could not provide these presentations without the continued support of our members.  Also, your attendance and your participation in our lectures help make them more interesting, enjoyable, and successful.  Thank you.

Immediately prior to this event, EAS members and guests who are hungry are welcome to join us for dinner with our guest speaker, Lorenzo Riano. Casual dining will occur at Hunan Yuan, located at 4100 Redwood Road in Lincoln Square (Oakland, CA 94619). We will congregate in the restaurant starting at approximately 5:30PM.

At the conclusion of our presentation this evening, please feel free to chat at length with our guest speaker, Lorenzo Riano.  Our Library will also be open for you to browse the stacks and perhaps borrow an interesting publication by presenting your EAS membership card to our Librarian, who will be happy to assist you.  Afterwards, please saunter outside to the Observatory Deck in the rear of the Center and view the skies through one or more of the many wonderful telescopes (weather permitting, of course).

For additional information or to provide feedback regarding this presentation, or to solicit consideration as a guest speaker for a future presentation, or to offer suggestions regarding any EAS program, please contact David Prosper, Program Director, via email at, or by phone at  510-457-8346.
Event Location
Chabot Space & Science Center
Atop the Oakland hills Lat: N37.82° Lon: W122.18°
Address: 10000 Skyline Blvd
Oakland, CA 94619
(Get Directions)
Driving Directions
From South of Oakland:

1. Take HWY I-580 west (north) toward OAKLAND.
2. Merge onto HWY CA-13 N toward BERKELEY. approx 0.9 miles.
3. Take the CARSON ST exit toward REDWOOD RD. approx 0.1 miles
4. The exit ramp becomes MOUNTAIN BLVD. approx 0.25 miles.
5. Turn RIGHT onto REDWOOD RD. approx 1.0 miles.
6. Turn LEFT onto SKYLINE BLVD. approx 0.5 miles.
7. Turn RIGHT onto SKYLINE BLVD. approx 0.75 miles
8. Look for the large, concrete sign at the Chabot Space & Science Center entrance driveway, which winds steeply up to the right.

From North of Oakland:
1. Take HWY I-580 east (south) toward OAKLAND.
2. Take exit ramp on right to HWY CA-24 east approx 4.75 miles.
3. Take exit ramp on right to HWY CA-13 S. toward San Leandro approx 3.3 miles
5. Turn slight left onto MONTEREY BLVD. approx 0.1 miles
6. Turn left onto LINCOLN AVE. approx 0.1 miles
7. Lincoln Ave. turns into JOAQUIN MILLER RD. approx 1.1 miles
8. Turn left at stoplight to SKYLINE BLVD. approx .7 miles
9. Look for the large, concrete sign at the Chabot Space & Science Center entrance driveway, which winds steeply up to the right.

Contact EAS for more information.
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Event Log
Name of Primary Presenter/Organizer: Lorenzo Riano
Presenter's Profession: Robotics, UCB
Event Type: Club meeting
Number of club members participating as presenters: 2
Toolkit Used:
   No NSN Outreach ToolKits or Resources Used
Total number of visitors: 35
What materials were handed out?
We handed out a ton of excess duplicates from our Library, as well a door prizes from the CSSC gift shop, and EAS and Chabot pamphlets.
Comments and anecdotes about the event:
People loved the movies showing his work with robots. A very fun presenter! My first full-on event as organizer. It went well!
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