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Amateur Observers' Society of NY
Astronomy Day
Amateur Observers' Society of NY: Astronomy Day
Astronomy Day
Starlab Planetarium presentations, hands-on astronomy workshops and exhibits will be among the attractions at Astronomy Day at the Cradle of Aviation Museum, a day that celebrates the opening of the new Planetarium at the Museum.
Date: Saturday, 10/6/2012
Time: 12:00 PM - 4:00 PM
Location: Cradle of Aviation Museum, 1 Davis Drive, Garden City, NY 11530 (Get Directions)
Event Location
Cradle of Aviation Museum
Address: 1 Davis Drive
Garden City, NY 11530
(Get Directions)

Contact AOS for more information.
Email this Club   Phone: 516-640-4433

Event Log
Name of Primary Presenter/Organizer: Rich Huber
Event Type: Community event / celebration
Number of club members participating as presenters: 22
Toolkits Used:
   Exploring the Solar System
   Life In the Universe
Topics Covered:
   Size/Distance Scales
   Solar System
Total number of visitors: 200
What materials were handed out?
We handed out copies of Sky and Telescope magazine and other handouts provided by the Night Sky Network.
Comments and anecdotes about the event:
It was Astronomy and Space Day at the Cradle of Aviation Museum, with a great deal of AOS participation. We had solar observing outside, StarLab planetarium shows, a simulation of the Curiosity landing and of the Rover exploring Mars, and two workshops, all family-friendly. The workshops were a Solar System walk, using planet models from the "Exploring the Solar System" toolkit, and the activity "Life in the Extreme" from the toolkit "Life in the Universe". Everyone had a great time, and the children in the workshops asked many great questions about astronomy!
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