Astronomy Magazine All-Day Skywatch will give astronomy enthusiasts the opportunity to hear astronomy-based lectures, view astronomy displays, pick up some handouts (including Astronomy magazines), and look through some telescopes. During the day, the sun hopefully provides us with sunspots, flares, and prominences. The telescopes will be fitted with special filter allowing for safe solar viewing. In the evening, the telescopes will turn towards the wonders of the night sky. A nearly first quarter moon will provide views of lunar craters, mountains, rilles, and large lava basins. Jupiter, with it's four attendant Galilean satellites will be high overhead. 

During the day, speakers include Keith Schlottman, President of the TAAA, who will talk about the local astronomy scene. Scott Kardel, from the International Dark-sky Association will present "Light Pollution: Perspectives from Earth and Space". Mike Reynolds, contributing editor to Astronomy magazine, will give an entertaining presentation about meteorites. He'll also have samples on hand - a chance to touch a remnant of the solar system's formation. He may even have some for sale. Astronomy editor David J Eicher will present "Astronomy's New Frontier", highlighting the latest in this age old science. Senior editor Michael E Bakich will discuss things that go "Boom" in his presentation "Star Death."

Other participants at this Skywatch are The University of Arizona's Mount Lemmon SkyCenter and the Girl Scouts of America.

Date: Saturday, 2/16/2013

Time: 10:00 AM - 9:00 PM

Location: Pima Community College East Campus, 8181 E Irvington Rd, Tucson, AZ 85730

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Event Log
Name of Primary Presenter/Organizer: Susan O'Connor
Presenter's Profession: retired teacher, wife of club member Jim O'Connor
Event Type: Observing Event
Number of club members participating as presenters: 6
Toolkits Used:
   Black Hole Survival
   Our Magnetic Sun
Topics Covered:
   Black Holes
   Star Life Cycles
Total number of visitors: 45
What materials were handed out?
Mostly items provided by NASA and about 10 copies of Life w/out Supernovas
Comments and anecdotes about the event:
This event was organized by Astronomy Magazine. Other exhibitors were International Dark-sky Association, Mt Lemmon SkyCenter, and the Saguaro Girl Scouts