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Each Guide contains:
  • A story about the month's theme
  • A sky feature to observe
  • Try This!
  • One or more activities to explore the theme
  • Connect to NASA Science
Each Guide can be viewed on a computer in full color. You can also download a special "Red" edition of each Guide which features a red overlay to preserve your night vision.  Always use Adobe Acrobat Reader to view the Guides on a computer.

There is one guide for each month! Please see our index below and click on the names of the months in order to view each resource page. You can also find them by clicking on "Astronomy Activities" link as well.


In the Guide for January
  • Theme: Betelguese, Red Supergiant Workaholic
  • Sky Feature: Betelgeuse
  • Try This!
  • Activity: Nuclear Fusion...with Marshmallows
  • Connect to NASA Science
In the Guide for February
  • Theme: Orion Nebula, Nursery of Newborn Stars
  • Sky Feature: Orion Nebula
  • Try This!
  • Activity: Stars and Their Lives
  • Connect to NASA Science

In the Guide for March
  • Theme: Pleiades: Teenage Sister Stars Readying to Leave Home
  • Sky Feature: Pleiades Star Cluster
  • Try This!
  • Activity: Young Star Clusters and Old Star Clusters
  • Connect to NASA Science
In the Guide for April 
  • Theme: Discovering Planet Families
  • Sky Feature: Pollux
  • Try This!
  • Activity: How Do We Find Planets Around Other Stars?
  • Connect to NASA Science

In the Guide for May
  • Theme: A Family Scrapbook of the Universe
  • Sky Feature: Hubble Deep Field
  • Try This!
  • Activity: Cosmic Survey
  • Connect to NASA Science
In the Guide for June
  • Theme: Ancient Stars, Ancient Stories
  • Sky Feature: Hercules Cluster
  • Try This!
  • Activity: Look Deep Into the heart of a Globular Cluster
  • Connect to NASA Science
In the Guide for July
  • Theme: Stellar Recycling
  • Sky Feature: Ring Nebula and Veil Nebula
  • Try This!
  • Activity: Lives of Stars
  • Connect to NASA Science

In the Guide for August
  • Theme: Are We Alone in the Universe?
  • Sky Feature: Kepler Mission Field
  • Try This!
  • Activity: What's the "Habitable Zone" Around a Star?
  • Connect to NASA Science
In the Guide for September
  • Theme: Milky Way Galaxy: City of Stars
  • Sky Feature: Milky Way Galaxy
  • Try This!
  • Activity: The Mily Way Project
  • Connect to NASA Science
In the Guide for October
  • Theme: Are All Planet Families Like Ours?
  • Sky Feature: Upsilon Andromedae
  • Try This!
  • Activity: Planet Families - Build a Solar System
  • Connect to NASA Science
In the Guide for November
  • Theme: What is the Fate of the Universe?
  • Sky Feature: Andromeda Galaxy
  • Try This!
  • Activity: Modeling the Expanding Universe
  • Connect to NASA Science
In the Guide for December 
  • Theme: We are Children of the Stars
  • Sky Feature: Crab Nebula
  • Try This!
  • Activity: A Universe Without Supernova
  • Connect to NASA Science

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