Please complete this form to apply for membership in Kansas Astronomical Observers. Already a member? Click here to register with the Night Sky Network.

Please view or print out this New Member Form, for more information on our dues schedule see page 2 of the new member form, we do offer family rates. Annual dues are $20 for membership. The last page of this printed form is the application that can be mailed in with your required dues for membership.

If you prefer using the electronic form below please complete the required information and send your dues to the KAO Treasurer, or you can attend the next meeting and pay your dues then. Required information is first and last name, address, email address, and phone number. You can add your level of experience in the comment box if you wish. All levels are welcome. Membership begins when payment is received.

Paul Ramirez
KAO Treasurer
106 E Mount Calvary Rd.
Saint Marys, KS 66536
Email Paul Ramirez
Make Check payable to Kansas Astronomical Observers (KAO)
Please do not send cash

Thank you, and welcome to the club. Hope to see you at the next meeting. This brochure will give you information on where and when we hold our meetings. You need not be a member to attend our meetings.



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