Club Coordinator Tips and Tools

Club Coordinator Tips and Tools

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Credit: Jim Hendrickson from the event: Starry, Starry Nite at Chase Farm  (Skyscrapers, Inc)

We have collected some of our handiest references and tools here to aid NSN Coordinators in their outreach and organization efforts. Thank you for everything you do! We hope these resources make your work a little bit easier. If you have suggestions for any additions to this page, please let use know at

Online/Virtual Events Resources
Holding virtual events takes a bit of planning. See these handouts and suggestions for making virtual events shine.

Virtual Event Calendar
List all upcoming online events posted to the NSN calendar.

Best Practices for In-Person Events
Flyer to post at in-person events during the Covid pandemic with best practices for groups to follow during this time: 

Video Series for Astronomy Outreach And Club Management
We have recently re-organized two video series that may be of interest to club officers and outreach enthusiasts alike: Sharing the Universe and Growing Your Astronomy Club. The Sharing the Universe series focuses on best practices for public astronomy outreach, and the Growing Your Astronomy Club series features techniques used by clubs nationwide to help grow your membership and encourage participation in club activities.

Night Sky Network Club Management  
You can find the latest copy of our club coordinator manual below, along with links to other useful resources for club management, such as award certificates, photo releases, logos and banners, and (off-site) links to suggestions for club by-laws  and insurance from the Astronomical League for star parties and other club events.

Website Tips: Andee's Corner
Andee Sherwood, NSN Guru and coordinator for the Los Angeles Astronomical Society,  has created many handy guides for NSN club coordinators to help them use the website's tools to manage their club information, roster, messaging, and events. A few of her top guides are listed below:

How to Maintain Your Club's NSN Homepage
Your club's homepage on the Night Sky Network introduces the public to your club. Keeping your contact information up to date is important for receiving requests for outreach events and allows you to receive inquiries about your club from those who may wish to join your group.

NSN Calendar Tip: Control The Events Displayed on Your Club's Calendar
You can control what events show up on your club's NSN calendar. You can elect to display only your clubs events or allow other events to show up alongside your own, like nearby events from other clubs, virtual events, larger regional and national events, and even federal holiodays and cancelled events.

NSN Calendar Tip: Schedule Upcoming and Recurring Events 
Add events your club's NSN calendar in advance to stay organized, promote your club's activities, and make event reporting a snap

Reporting Your Club's Events with the NSN Event System
Reporting on your club's outreach events is key to maintaining membership in the NASA Night Sky Network.The NSN website's tools give clubs the ability to report on these events to NASA via the event system.

Keep Your Club Active and Qualified for NSN Toolkits & Resources
Wondering how your club can keep their "Active" status to qualify for quarterly outreach toolkits, award pins, prizes, and  handouts from NASA and the NSN? These short tips will help remind you to report on your clubs events after they happen.

Differences Between Scheduling, Reporting, and Logging?
What is the difference between scheduling an event, reporting an event, and logging your volunteer hours?

Who Are Your Club's Night Sky Network Coordinators?
Keep your NSN coordinator list up to date, and make sure the right folks have access to keep your club's NSN management smooth.

Sharing NSN with Your Club members
Are you sharing the NSN newsletter and links to our webinars with your club members? If not, why not?

The NSN's Site Search Feature
Did you know that the Night Sky Network has a built-in search function that can filter results for news articles, resources, events, and even individual clubs? It's been tucked away in the upper right-hand corner of your screen for quite some time! The "Site Search" option is essential if you spend a lot of time on the site!

Outreach Resources
A few of the top resources available to club coordinators are listed below. You can find much more by searching the NSN's Outreach Resources page.

What Toolkits are Available to NSN Clubs?
This article lists all of the toolkits that are currently available to member clubs that regularly report on their outreach events.These kits are automatically shipped out to every quarter to qualified clubs.

Collected Handouts
Some of our most popular handouts, available for download as PDF files.

Most Popular Presentations
Asked to give a talk at a local school or library? Need some programming for a cloudy night? We have listed some of our most popular presenations, ready-made for just such events!

List of Activities in Each ToolKit
David Humphreys of the Lima Astronomical Society created this handy spreadhseet, which lists activities found in each NSN Outreach ToolKit. 

Offline Event Reporting Form
NSN member Jerelyn Ramirez created a printable reporting form, downloadable here or below. This form can be used by members to report on their events when away from the computer (or who do not have coordinator access to the site), and can then be turned in to their club outreach coordinators to use when entering the formal event reports into the NSN's event system. Please note all event reports must still be entered into the NSN website!

Partnering with Clubs
Some of  potential partners in your communities may wonder how to best partner with your club or other astronomers. We have a PDF you can share to help them in partnering with your club for outreach.

This resource is part of the Club Management series.

Last Updated: April 2021

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