Girl Scouts Space Sciences Badge Resources

Girl Scouts Space Sciences Badge Resources

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Welcome amateur astromers! Here you'll find resources to support the Girl Scout Space Science badges and make meaningful connections with the girls. 

New Girl Scout Space Science badges are being released at the end of 2018 for kindergarten-5th grade girls (and in 2019 for 6th-12th grade girls). Each badge includes an observing component and encourages troops to reach out to their local astronomy club. You may get contacted by troop leaders to let you know that they are coming with their girls to one of your events. Be prepared! 

On this page, you will find resources to help make your outreach more inclusive:
  1. Here's why inclusive outreach matters
  2. Getting ready for the new Girl Scout space science badges
  3. In-person and online workshops    
  4. Resources and techniques for working with girls
  5. Videos and articles connected to diversity and fairness
Keep coming back to find new resources and connect to like minded astronomers.

1) Why Inclusive Outreach Matters
  • Take this test designed by Harvard on Gender and Science to learn more about your own biases. Everyone has them; find out about yours.
  • Stay tuned as we put the finishing touches on new activities! 

2) Girl Scout Space Science Badges
Read more about the topics covered in the Space Science badges and how amateur astronomers can support Girl Scouts at the telescope and beyond:
3) In-person and Online Workshops
The Astronomical Society of the Pacific is offering workshops aimed at doing great outreach with girls. Here are some of the upcoming dates. To find out more or to schedule a free workshop for your club or event, contact Theresa Summer

       Upcoming workshops and presentations - join us!
Past workshops include Ohio, MIssouri, SF Bay Area, and RTMC in S. CA.

4) Resources and techniques for working with girls
Resources to come - stay tuned!
Read more about the project here.

5) Videos and articles connected to diversity, fairness, and highlighting women's contribution to space science
Do you have other resources you think should be included? Let us know! 

Latest update: Aug 2, 2018



Girls toys vs. boys toys

See how early unconscious bias begins in this video from the BBC.

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