The Shipbuilders of Mars! 

Tuesday, July 14th, 6:30 PM CT/5:30 PM PT, 8:30 ET -

Join us for a virtual Q&A with some of the scientists and engineers of NASA's Mars Perseverance Rover
Watch this presentation live on Youtube. 


Mars is the grand new frontier. NASA is set to deploy its latest robotic explorer “Perseverance” to the red planet, featuring updated scientific equipment and brand new systems to further our understanding of this world that has fascinated the minds of young and old for centuries. Learn about these new systems, the rocket that will launch it, and how this exploration paves the way for furthered human exploration and the search for life elsewhere in the Universe.

Join us for an exciting online chat on Tues. July 14th, 4:30PM (PDT) as we present a one-on-one Q&A with designers and engineers of NASA’s Mars Perseverance Rover, set to launch to Mars on July 20th. Free and open to the public, students of all ages.

The YouTube Live presentation (link above) will also feature a moderated live chat where viewers can ask follow-up questions and engage directly with the scientists.

Guests to include:
Prof. Jim Bell (Arizona State University) – Principal Investigator, Mastcam-Z camera investigation (geology, imaging, rover ops support) -

Justin Foley – Mars 2020 Testbed Engineer -

Bekah Sosland Siegfriedt – Mars 2020 Systems Engineer -

Jeff Megivern – Mars 2020 Mechanical Systems Engineer -

Elio Morillo – Mars 2020 System Testbed Engineer -

Jason Achilles Mezilis – Entry Descent and Landing [EDL] Microphone -

Hosted by Rebecca Larson – Astrophysicist, NSF Fellow, Host AoTATX -

For more information about Mars Perseverance rover please visit the NASA Website:

Date: Tuesday, 7/14/2020

Time: 6:30 PM