The Quadrantids Meteor Shower is estimated to peak the evening of January 2nd through the early morning hours of January 3rd. This is a disappointing year for observing Quadrantids, as light from the gibbous Moon will drown out most of these meteors.

If you still want to try observing a few bright meteors, you may want to bundle up as it's chilly for most folks experiencing winter in the Northern Hemisphere! Get to a dark spot, get comfortable, bring extra blankets to stay warm, and let your eyes adjust to the dark sky. A cozy lounge chair makes for a great seat, as does simply lying on your back on a blanket, eyes scanning the whole sky.

Find out more Quadrantids observing tips courtesy EarthSky The Night Sky Network has a handout that you may find useful for your meteor watching party: Heads Up: It's a Meteor Shower Handout!

Radiant point of the Quadrantid meteors, courtesy
Image of the radiant of the Quadrantid Meteor Shower, courtesy EarthSky

Date: Saturday, 1/2/2021