Earth will be between Jupiter and the Sun on August 19 at approximately 8:00 PM, meaning Jupiter is at opposition. On that date, Jupiter rises in the east as the Sun sets in the west, remaining visible the entire night. Jupiter will be one of the brightest objects in the night sky. Its four largest moons and cloud bands are easily spotted with even a small telescope. For more detailed information and observing tips, visit the dedicated Jupiter Opposition page at EarthSky. 

The Kansas Astronomical Observers' NSN Coordinator, Jerelyn Ramirez, shared these updated maps showing the positions of the planets for August 2021's oppositions of Jupiter and Saturn - and don't forget sky charts and stickers!

What if your sky is cloudy or you don’t have a telescope? See far more of Jupiter than we can observe from Earth with NASA’s Juno missionorbiting Jupiter since 2016.

NASA/JPL's What's Up video for August 2021 has more about opposition and additional stargazing tips.

Want to join group of folks for a star party? Find a member club near you using our club map, and check out astronomy events near you with our events page.  We wish you clear, dark skies!

Date: Thursday, 8/19/2021 - Friday, 8/20/2021