The San Francisco Amateur Astronomers is encouraging anyone who has even the slightest interested in the Moon to join us at Lands End *LOWER* parking lot on Pt. Lobos Avenue, along with thousands of others world wide for this historic international event.

Date: Saturday, 9/18/2010

Time: 6:00 PM - 11:00 PM

Location: Land's End - Point Lobos - North Lot, El Camino Del Mar, San Francisco, CA

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Information for Visitors:
This world wide historic event takes place in San Francisco's darkest site, since 1951. Come join the fun and observe the Moon (and other stuff). *NB* Because the upper parking lot is closed for restoration, we'll be set up at the lower lot off of Pt. Lobos Avenue.

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Location Details

Land's End - Point Lobos - North Lot
City Star Parties are held at this location throughout the year. Note that there are two main lots for Land's End. We gather in the northern one! Check the Club Calendar for a schedule.

El Camino Del Mar

San Francisco, CA

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SFAA City Star Parties

Northbound on the Great Highway, follow the highway as it becomes Point Lobos Avenue and passes the Cliff House. After you pass a small road called Merrie Way, take the next left onto El Camino Del Mar and follow the road uphill. You will pass Seal Rock Street on your right and will see a "Not a Through Street" sign and another sign for Fort Miley. Continue until the road ends in a parking lot.

Event Log
Name of Primary Presenter/Organizer: Angela Traeger
Event Type: Observing Event
Number of club members participating as presenters: 15
Toolkits Used:
   Exploring the Solar System
   Shadows & Silhouettes
   Glass & Mirrors: An Inside Look at Telescopes
   Telescopes: Eyes on the Universe
   Other NSN Resources (Telecons, Astronomy Resources Download, etc)
Topics Covered:
   Extrasolar Planets
   Light Pollution
   Milky Way Galaxy
   Phases & Eclipses
   Size/Distance Scales
   Solar System
Total number of visitors: 50
What materials were handed out?
Hyperion trading cards. SFAA buttons/brochures.
Comments and anecdotes about the event:
The San Francisco Amateur and Sidewalk Astronomers along with thousands of others world wide held this historic international event in downtown San Rafael, CA as it was fogged out in SF. Everyone was excited that this was an international event and that someone else in the world was simultaneously looking at the same object in the night sky. We also observed Jupiter and four of its moons as well. Not bad...five moons and one planet in just a few minutes time!