The Southern Colorado Astronomical Society will host a Transit of Venus Event at Lake Pueblo Reservior on it's north shore at the newly named Archaeoastronomy Ampitheater.  Join us as  we watch the planet Venus travel in front of the sun, something that will not happen again for another 115 years.  The Southern Colorado Astronomical Society (SCAS) will have several specialized telescopes on hand used specifically for direct viewing of the Sun.

WARNING!!!  Do no attempt to view the sun with a telescope, this will cause permanent blindness.  The telescopes we will be using have either the proper solar filter on the front of the telescope or it will be a telescope build for the sole purpose of viewing the sun.

The Southern Colorado Astronomical Society will have informational handouts to help you better understand what our sun is doing, how it is doing it, and explanations of what you are seeing.  Our event begins at 4pm and will last until sunset. 

SCAS has reserved a section of the campground next to the ampitheater for grilling hotdogs and hamburgers along with picnic tables for a place to take a rest and enjoy the lake. For additional information on this event please contact SCAS Public Relations Director Alan Knight at 719-337-3970 or email him at

Date: Tuesday, 6/5/2012

Time: 4:00 PM - 9:00 PM

Location: Lake Pueblo Archaeoastronomy Ampitheater, Camp Acc, Pueblo, CO 81007

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