This is a regularly scheduled event held by Kitt Peak for the Tohono O'odham nation. We will provide telescopes for their viewing of the night skies. Tohono O'odham vendors will be serving their traditional foods.  

Date: Saturday, 9/22/2012

Time: 7:00 PM Mountain

Location: Kitt Peak Observatory (mountain top), State Route AZ 386, Kitt Peak Observatory, AZ

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    Sunset: 6:24 PM
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Information for Visitors:
Dress appropriately for mountain top conditions.

Location Details

Kitt Peak Observatory (mountain top)
Kitt Peak Observatory on top of the mountain (not the picnic area which is below the mountain top.

State Route AZ 386

Kitt Peak Observatory, AZ

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Kitt Peak is located at the end of State Route 386. From Tucson, take Ajo Way west almost 37 miles. The turn off is well marked. Follow the road up the mountain. There are no major turn offs to worry about. The picnic area is near the top and also well marked. There is a visitor's parking lot at the mountain top. Be aware of the health issues when visiting high elevations. A First Aid station is available at the Visitor Center.