This is a star party for the public at our dark sky location. You must get through the West gate before 7:00 pm.   All vehicles need to be logged in at the viewing site by a HAS control individual.  Security will log you out at the West Gate at either 8:30 or 10:30 pm.

Date: Saturday, 11/2/2013

Time: 5:35 PM - 11:59 PM

Location: Dillingham Airfield and Glider Port (Star Party), 68 Farrington Highway, Waialua, HI 96791

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Information for Visitors:
If you cannot turn off your car lights, please park with your headlights facing away from the viewing area. If you bring a flashlight, it must be covered with red cellophane or red filter. No white flashlights since it ruins your night vision which takes 15-30 minutes to recover.  No running or eating aroundf telescopes.  Do ot touch telescope since they may move off the target.

Location Details

Dillingham Airfield and Glider Port (Star Party)
The Hawaiian Astronomical Society holds dark-sky star parties at Dillingham Airfield on Saturdays. This is the our premier location for star gazing. Dillingham Airfield is on Farrington Highway (State Highway #930) in Mokuleia. This is approximately 17 miles north west of Wahiawa, down Kamehameha Highway (#99) towards Waialua. Just before the bottom of the hill, look for the Historic Haleiwa Town sign and take a left at the traffic light and enter Weed Circle (also called a Rotray). Follow it around to the left to Kaukonahua Road (Hwy 930) and then take a right at Thompson's Corner about a mile later (You can't go straight). Follow this road for approximately 6.7 miles from Thompson's Corner to Dillingham Airfield. You will pass a Gas station on your left then enter a small traffic circle. Keep to the left at the circle and look for the direction sign. The airfield has three gates and you want the third or last gate. Through this gate, you'll go by the hangers and back in the direction you came from, paralleling the runway. On the right side of the road, you'll see a windsock and a short little stop sign. At that intersection, make a right turn and our group will be in the parking area. It's about a mile from the gate. Remember this little short stop sign, you'll need to find it in the dark on your way out. For security reasons the airfield gates are locked around 7:00 p.m.; you should get there a little earlier to avoid being locked out. Star parties are wonderful family events and we suggest that you bring a plate lunch or pizza for dinner for your family. Please remember that we are guest at this facility and we ask that you pick up your discards and dispose of them properly. Also, some insect repellent, a jacket and something to sit on could be helpful. Any flashlights must have a heavy layer of red cellophane over the lens as a matter of courtesy to others. You can stay as long as you wish, enjoy looking thorough all the telescopes. Please refer to the Event Description concerning when the gate is opened to allow egress. If you have a car with headlights that can't be turned off, we ask that you park close to the entrance of the viewing area with the car facing out so when you leave you can do so without creating a problem. Headlights ruin night vision, not to mention any astrophotography that may be in progress. As you leave the viewing area, be careful to turn left at that little short stop sign to get on the service road. If you miss it you will wind up on the aircraft taxiway and that's a No, No. The painted lines on the tarmac are for airplanes, not cars. If the line becomes a "Y," you have gone too far. STOP! Back-up until you find the service road (the little short stop sign) and exit there. And please, no alcohol.

68 Farrington Highway

Waialua, HI 96791

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Detailed map of the airfield and calendar is available

Public star parties at Dillingham are generally held on Saturdays between the 3rd quarter and new Moon each month.  Dates due change so you should recheck the calendar before you make the drive to Dillingham.