Time: 8 PM to 9:45 PM (Please arrive early by 7:30 PM.)
Please park in the public parking lot.  
There will be two guest speakers in March. The first speaker will be Liam Kennedy, CEO of ImageBEAM and the creator of the ISS-Above. Jade Kim, from the Griffith Observatory will be our second speaker.

Liam Kennedy
I’m someone who has no formal training in astronomy. But that does not stop me from sharing my passion for spacey things with everyone I meet. ISS-Above is just one more expression of that.
Over the years I have been a Griffith Observatory Planetarium Lecturer, I was the president of the Orange County Astronomers (one of the largest amateur astronomy clubs in the country), I have also been a NASA/JPL Solar System Ambassador. Back in 2003,2004 I produced a public access TV show in Orange County called Look Up Tonight (24 episodes).
When I’m not spending time on spacey things – I run my own live event video production company called ImageBEAM. Occasionally I manage to connect the two passions together and I end up supporting events in the space field. That’s cool!
I've been a programmer since high-school - which is over 36 years ago so the coding involved with ISS-Above is second nature. If you check out my LinkedIn profile you should see that I have worked as a technology lead for some of the largest web development companies out there - which basically means I have lots of experience with delivering high profile technology projects. That experience SHOULD help a lot with this project too.
Liam will be giving us a talk about his latest project, the ISS-Above. Learn more about this device by visiting the following link:


            Liam Kennedy                    
Liam’s Websites:


Jade Kim
I am full time college student currently working towards a Bachelor of Arts degree in Public Relations at Cal. State Fullerton. I have an expansive history of work experience, as well as a proven track record of academic excellence. I am a science enthusiast and hope to be in the field of science communications in the future. I am also passionate about helping others, in which I eventually plan to utilize my prospective degree to its fullest capacity and beyond in order to focus my talents and passion into bolstering a non-profit organization. My ultimate goal is to cultivate my acquired skills into a successful, rewarding professional career while making a positive difference in the community.
·         Volunteer

International Volunteer Headquarters
I volunteered in Ghana, Africa for three weeks at the Blessed Bright Future Orphanage. During my time here, I took care of the wonderful children as well as provided science education and materials (i.e. solar sunglasses, binoculars). It was truly the most rewarding experience of my life and I plan on doing more trips similar to this.

Jade’s Links:


Date: Monday, 3/10/2014

Time: 8:00 PM - 9:45 PM Pacific

Location: Griffith Observatory, 2800 East Observatory Road, Los Angeles, CA 90027

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