Lunar Eclipse during totality
Lunar Eclipse during totality, courtesy Science@NASA

Depending on your time zone, a total eclipse of the Moon will begin on the evening of April 14th or the very early morning of April 15th! The eclipse is set to begin at approximately 5:58 am UTC on April 15th (1:58 am EDT on April 15, or 10:58 pm PDT on April 14th). Totality will begin at 7:06 UTC. The eclipse will end approximately 3 1/2 hours later, at 9:33 UTC.

This eclipse will be visible over most of North America and Hawaii. The Earth's shadow falls upon the Moon to create a total lunar eclipse, and as this occurs the Moon's color may change to a striking red. 
Eclipse map of the path of the total lunar eclipse for April 2014
Eclipse path map courtesy

Date: Monday, 4/14/2014 - Tuesday, 4/15/2014