This year the Delta Aquarids are expected to peak on the night of July 28th and the morning of July 29th. This particular meteor shower has a long slow buildup and decline, with meteors from its stream beginning to shower on July 12 and running through to August 23-mixing in with the Perseids in August! 

This year the Delta Aquarids will come during a thin crescent moon, so viewing will be excellent (provided your skies are cooperative). Find a nice area with dark skies and dress warmly and look up for this respectable sky show. 

You may see up to 20 meteors an hour; y
ou can use the free Meteor Counter app to record your meteor count and participate in NASA's LADEE mission! Available for iOS devices at

Radiant of the Delta Aquarids meteor shower, courtesy Earth Sky
Radiant of the Delta Aquarids Meteor shower, courtesy Earthsky.

Date: Monday, 7/28/2014 - Tuesday, 7/29/2014