SLAS' monthly dark sky viewing is held on the Saturday nearest the New Moon and is normally held at Danville Conservation Area. This is a member and family event so we would appreciate it if there are no Public Announcements about the location or date. Danville is a public area and is used by other clubs and individuals interested in astronomy so expect other people to be there, enjoying dark skies. Members are requested to be courteous to other observers.
Here are some simple guidelines:
1. try to arrive before dark to avoid headlights in the observing area
2. always park your car with headlights facing toward the exit so you can easily leave with minimal disturbance
3. SAFETY FIRST, if you need to use your headlights or parking lights so you can see please use them. We don't want people, equipment or cars hit.
4. drive SLOW through observing area, rocks and dust can damage sensitive equipment
5. bring a red flash light to see
6. bring bug spray in the summer and warm clothes in the winter.
7. please obey all Missouri Conservation rules when on their facility and don't speed when on CA property or the surrounding roads. We have a long history of cooperation and friendly behavior between amateur astronomers and the CA agents and the local population. We want to keep them supportive of our hobby.

Date: Saturday, 9/12/2015

Time: 7:00 PM - 2:00 AM

Location: Danville Wildlife Area unless otherwise noted, New Florence, MO 63363

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    Sunset: 7:20 PM
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Location Details

Danville Wildlife Area unless otherwise noted

New Florence, MO 63363

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