Discover astronomy with members of the Central Arkansas Astronomical Society. Clouds permitting, the evening's telescopic sights typically will include several planets, the moon, and other celestial objects depending upon what is in the sky at a given time. This is an excellent family-friendly activity for all ages to experience!

Date: Saturday, 6/8/2019

Time: 8:30 PM - 11:00 PM

Location: Pinnacle Mountain State Park, 11901 Pinnacle Valley Road, Little Rock, AR 72223

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Information for Visitors:
This is not a particularly dark sight so we will concentrate on brighter objects. Nevertheless, white Lights destroy night vision.  If you bring a flash light it is best if it produce red light, or you can modify a normal white light flashlight by placing a red film in or over the lense, usually available at any craftstore.  

After dark it is always colder than you think it will be.  Dress in layers so you can respond to conditions. When at the scope feel free to refocus to your own eyes but try not to move the scope from the target. To focus find a single star, if available, and focus to make the star as small as you can make it, then look at the targeted object.  Dim objects, strangly, are best seen if you don't look directly at them but slightly to one side, basically using periphrial vison. View Planets and the moon directly. 

The eye does not see objects in a telescope with the detail or color of hubble telescope images.  However, viewing a picture is not the same thing as seeing a distant celestial object with your own eyes.  In the later case you are directly witnessing the universe and the image you see represents photons that have traveled across the vastness of space and time to fall upon your retina. It also important to know something about what you are seeing.  Don't hesitate to ask your host to elaborate on each object shown. 

Location Details

Pinnacle Mountain State Park
Pinnacle Mountain is a day-use park dedicated to environmental education, outdoor recreation, and preservation. Located just west of Little Rock, this natural environment of 2,000 acres was set aside in 1977 as Arkansas's first state park adjoining a major metropolitan area. The park features a rich diversity of natural habitat, from high upland peaks to bottomlands along the Big Maumelle River and Little Maumelle River, for park visitors to experience. And, here among this natural diversity park interpreters and volunteers help visitors and students understand man's relationship to the environment.

11901 Pinnacle Valley Road

Little Rock, AR 72223

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