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Night Sky Network: Astronomy Clubs bringing the wonders of the universe to you
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How do we see inside of a planet's crust?
How do we know what makes up a planet? The upcoming InSight mission to Mars will use some clever detective work to help us figure out what is inside of our neighbor. Read More....
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How do we see inside of a planet's crust?
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Why Don't Eclipses Happen Every Month?

This activity will show you how to create 3D models of the Earth, Moon and Sun and demonstrate solar and lunar eclipses. By doing so you will be able to show why we do not see eclipses at every full and new Moon.

Your one-stop planning resource for astronomy events.

  • Look up sunset and moonrise times
  • Find out what's up on the Celestial Calendar
  • What's the weather forecast?

Astronomy clubs who regularly share the sky and the inspiration of NASA science with their communities.

A few of the Stars in the Night Sky Network:

Tri-State Astronomers Tri-State Astronomers
North Houston Astronomy Club North Houston Astronomy Club
Delaware Valley Amateur Astronomers Delaware Valley Amateur Astronomers

See ALL the Stars!

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