Occasionally, Night Sky Network members have trouble logging in, even when they are entering their usernames and passwords correctly. These problems usually have to do with browser settings involving cookies, and network firewalls. The most common sign of such a problem is logging in and seeing the main Club Member page, but then getting returned to the login page after clicking any of the links available. If you are having similar problems, please try the following:

  • Make sure that your browser is set to accept cookies. This is what enables the Night Sky Network website to identify you as you click from page to page after logging in.
    • Chrome: From the "Customize and Control Chrome" menu at the top right (which sometimes appears as three vertical dots), choose "Settings". Click "Show Advanced Settings" at the bottom of the page. Under Privacy, click the "Content Settings" button. Make sure "Allow local data to be set" is checked under "Cookies".
      For more information, see Google's help page on this topic.
    • Firefox: Click "Open Menu" (the three horizontal bars at the top right). Select "Options", and then click the "Privacy" option on the left. You can check the options in this menu to make sure cookies are not disabled or blocked for nightsky.jpl.nasa.gov.
      For more information, see Mozilla's help page on this topic.
    • Internet Explorer: From the "Tools" menu (the gear at the top right), select "Internet Options", and then click the "Privacy" tab. Set your Privacy level to "Medium" if it is set any higher. If you still wish to disable cookies on websites other than the Night Sky Network, click "Sites" and enter http://nightsky.jpl.nasa.gov as one of your allowed websites.
      For more information, see Microsoft's help page on this topic.
    • Safari: Choose "Preferences" in the Safari menu. Click "Security". Under "Cookies and website data", choose "Allow from websites I visit".
      For more information, see Apple's help page on this topic.
    • Others: Consult your browser's Help option for instructions on how to enable cookies.
  • Clear your browser's cache, and make sure that your browser is set to check for a new version of each page you visit upon every visit, rather than storing pages for later re-use. This will also ensure that you are seeing the latest updates on the Night Sky Network home page.
  • Clear your browser's cookies. (Note that this may result in the need to re-enter your username and password on other websites such as webmail providers or message boards that you asked to "remember" you.)
  • Make sure that you are not behind a firewall. You may need to contact your Internet Service Provider to ask about this. (This problem has typically been reported by AOL users.)

If you are still having difficulties, you may contact the Night Sky Network's administrators. Just fill out the form below with your Username (if you know it), real name, club name (if you belong to a club), email address, and a message describing your problem.

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