Astronomy is everywhere!

Members of the Island County Astronomical Society marched in a parade in early May in Oak Harbor, Washington at the Holland Happenings festival. After the parade, they shared views through their telescopes with the public. (Photo Credit: Ruth Nielsen )

The events held by Night Sky Network clubs happen almost anywhere!

River Bend Astronomy Club in Illinois participated in a day-long event at the Edwardsville Children's Museum. Club member Terry Menz reported: "One youth in a wheelchair who won a telescope earlier in the day at the museum returned and was given his first lesson on how to use his new scope. The star map from the PlanetQuest kit, as well as the Passport were great tools to guide him on his first steps into the world of astronomy." (Photo Credit: Eric Young)

The Hawaiian Astronomical Society held a telescope event for a local intermediate school. John Gallagher reported: "In preparation for this event, the class sent a letter to a nearby restaurant asking that their bright spotlight be directed away from the viewing area. Surprisingly, the restaurant owner did just that. A lesson in community spirit."

Huachuca Astronomy Club of Southeastern Arizona engaged campers at the Huachuca Oaks Nature Camp in making their own Milky Way galaxy. (Photo Credit: Doug Snyder)

Under the dark skies of Death Valley National Park, California, the Las Vegas Astronomical Society spoke of "Our Place in Our Galaxy" to help convey the relative distance of the journey NASA's Cassini mission took to travel to Saturn versus the tremendous distance a journey to other stars with planets would take.

Enjoy the summer skies! Find a Night Sky Network club near you holding astronomy events by checking the Club Directory.