Help celebrate the first images from the James Webb Space Telescope
A jubilulant moment at the Space Telescope Science Institute, as engineers celebrate the unfolding of the James Webb Space Telescope's second primary mirror wing. Photo credit: NASA/Bill Ingalls
NASA and its partners need your help to celebrate the first images from the James Webb Space Telescope (Webb)! Help bring this historic moment in our common exploration of the wider universe to your community through the Webb Community Events initiative.

NASA will be supporting Webb Community Events throughout the U.S. and beyond around the release of Webb’s first images in July 2022. NASA will support events of all types and sizes (in-person, virtual, hybrid) hosted by formal and informal learning venues, community organizations, and amateur astronomers like you! 

How to get involved:

1.    Help spread the word and ask potential venues in your area to apply; e.g. museums, libraries, schools. 
2.    Partner with existing events in your area. If they have already signed up, then team up!
3.    Are you a venue or affiliated with an institution? Apply to host your own event and add it to our official list!

Venues can apply to be an official Webb Community Event host here: Deadline is Feb. 25, 2022

Join us for a Webb Community Event Intro Session on March 15, 2022 to learn more.
Events will be held through the summer and fall of this year and will be supported by:

•    training sessions for hosts and speakers
•    virtual Subject Matter Expert panels
•    event & media support materials
•    STEM activities & digital resources
•    print materials & handouts

Webb’s cutting-edge technology and anticipated ground-breaking science open up a world of STEM engagement opportunities for learners of all ages and backgrounds. Our goal is that with your help, Webb’s first images will captivate and inspire a new generation of space science enthusiasts, and reach a broader, more diverse audience than ever before.
Last Updated: January 31, 2022

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