Inspire, astound, and amaze!
Members of the North Eugene High School Astronomy Club set up a booth outside a local photography business in Eugene, Oregon. Photo Credit: John Wojtowicz

Night sky Network clubs bring an added dimension to community activities: the rest of the universe!

At the Adventure Science Center in Nashville, Tennessee, the Barnard-Seyfert Astronomical Society discussed how astronomers search for extra-solar planets, Member JanaRuth Ford reported, "The parents were just as interested (maybe even more so) as the kids in how astronomers detect planets orbiting other stars and why we have telescopes in space!"

Pete Peterson of the Astronomical Society of Southern New England tells of the participants' excitement and enthusiasm at the Art/History/Architecture (AHA!) cultural event in New Bedford, Massachusetts. "Viewing from an urban sidewalk", the astronomy club showed the Moon, Saturn, and Jupiter to many well-known artists, explaining that telescopes are like time machines, since the light they are seeing from objects in space left minutes to billions of years ago. Peterson said, "Although Saturn was only able to take folks back in time by an hour and 19 minutes they were impressed."

Walter Glogowski of the Chicago Astronomical Society had a group of 40 junior high students so excited learning about black holes that they wouldn't let him leave! Maybe a few of those students will be inspired to pursue careers in the sciences.

Invite a Night Sky Network Club to your next community event, youth group meeting, or fundraiser and experience the universe. To find a club near you, click on the Club Directory.