NSN Member Contributions & Outreach Toolkit Hacks
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We love creating outreach materials for you to use - and we love seeing how you've adapted  them to better fit your own audiences and public engagement styles! We've listed some of the great projects you have shared with us below. Do you have a fun toolkit "hack" or other trick that helps with your own outreach? Share it with us at nightksyinfo@astrosociety.org. Clear skies!

photo of a hand holding a cap to a telescope eyepiece
The Clean Eyepiece Hack
Worried about keeping eyepieces clean during the pandemic? What about during outreach at events with a lot of eye makeup - like, say, Halloween? Ken Silva shares a simple solution to keep your eyepieces sparkling and sanity during outreach, inside!

illustration of the solar system top-down, showing orbits around the Sun
Toolkit Hack: Illustrate Opposition

Want a quick and easy way to illustrate what opposition is for Jupiter, Saturn, Mars, or other outer worlds? Jerelyn Ramirez of the Kansas Astronomical Observers created a toolkit hack using our "Exploring the Solar System" worksheet to do that!

strip of sticker showing brightly colored planets with their names labeled
Planets & More Observing Stickers!
Treat your telescope's visitors to these stickers and celebrate viewing a featured planet!

photo of a wooden square case opened up to reveal two tactile sheets of lunar craters1
Toolkit Hack: Frames for Tactile Moon Sheets

Don Knabb created this beautiful travel case for the 3-D touchable Moon surfaces from the Apollo 11 Toolkit! 

photo of a child looking through a telescope mounted to a chair
Galileoscope Hack: Stable Chair Mount

Do you have a Galileoscope but no tripod? Create a simple mount using an item you may be using right now: a chair!

photo of a wooden box with a light bulb stuck out of one end, casting a shadow on the other side
Toolkit Hack: A Light Box for Eclipse Demonstrations

Usually astronomy requires that you turn off the lights; but sometimes you need to turn them up! Jerelyn Ramirez of the Kansas Astronomical Observers created a handy light source for use when demonstrating the "Yardstick Eclipse" activity.

photo of a wooden bench with rulers and lenses mounted to the top at right angles
Toolkit Hack: A Glass and Mirrors Light Bench

This is a great hack of the "Glass and Mirrors" Toolkit. One crafty astronomer figured out how to create a sturdy light bench and a tripod-ready "naked telescope" demo using materials from this Toolkit. He even kept the dimensions super portable so the much-revised kit could still fit inside the original carrying case.

photo of three banners hung from PVC pipe frames in a sunlit field
Adjustable Frames for NSN Banners
These adjustable banner frames work well to display your club's NSN banners at events, both inside and outside. A fun DIY project for crafty outreach volunteers!

Last Updated: January 7, 2022

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