Have you seen Mars in the Night Sky?
Scouts have a hands-on experience with the telescopes of the South Bay Astronomical Society in Torrance, California. Photo Courtesy of Joe Fierstein.

While Mars and Earth are close to each other over the next month or two, look toward the east within a couple hours after sunset and you'll see Mars. Mars will be brighter and have a more reddish glow than the stars.

Want a closer look? Many astronomy clubs have public events planned to share views of Mars through their telescopes.

Your child might even be inspired to pursue a career in astronomy. Steve and Dawn Knight of the Flint River Astronomy Club of Georgia report that a group of young Girl Scouts and their parents were fascinated by telescopic views of Mars: "One little girl said it was nice but she wanted to see the whole thing. I pointed out that she was seeing the whole thing and she said, 'No, I want to see it from there. I want to be on Mars'." By the time she's an adult, we may be sending astronauts to Mars - she could be one of them!

You might also have the opportunity to take a grand tour of the night sky! Through the telescopes, view:

  • Objects in our Solar System: the Moon, the Sun, other planets.
  • Objects in our Milky Way Galaxy: clouds of gas and dust where new stars are forming, young stars, old stars, other stars that have planets!
  • Other galaxies outside of our Galaxy, like our neighbor, the Andromeda Galaxy!
Contact your local NASA Night Sky Network club today! Click on the map showing club locations.