Night Sky Network reaches 3,000!
A few of the top event-logging "Stars of the Night Sky Network" are just an example of the over two hundred astronomy clubs and organizations that make up the heart of the Night Sky Network.

The word is spreading about astronomy and it is all because of the great outreach our member clubs do month after month, year after year. The Night Sky Network and astronomy clubs all over the country are educating the public, sparking interest in astronomy and science and making a positive impact in hundreds of communities.

Who was it that helped put us over the top? Neta Fay Apple of the newest Night Sky Network Member organizations, the StarGarden Foundation, submitted this report of an outreach event held at a local high school on February 7, 2006: "My partner, another amateur astronomer, and I set up a Starlab portable planetarium in the gym at the Lakeland School. Students first visited the Starlab for a short show of the current evening sky. During this visit there was a brief discussion about other stars having planets and afterward the students were each given one of the NSN star maps showing some naked eye stars known to have planets... From there it was easy to use the North America size model of the Milky Way and talk about how many stars there are using the bird seed model. The students, like most of us, could not understand the large numbers, but were awed when those numbers were put into models to which they could relate. Other teachers were very interested in what we did and the school administrators were very impressed and want us to come back to do more astronomy. The teacher with whom we worked as our primary contact yesterday, told us that he would make time for us any time we wanted to come. How can it get any better than that?"

What a great event to put the Night Sky Network over the 3,000 mark! Keep up the great work!

Congratulations to the Many Stars in the Night Sky Network!
Current Top Five Stars in the Night Sky Network are:
Southwest Florida Astronomical Society, Inc.
Santa Barbara Astronomical Unit
Von Braun Astronomical Society
Astronomical Society of Northern New England
San Antonio Astronomical Association
For a complete listing of the Stars in the Night Sky Network go to:

Welcome Our Newest Members
Clubs that have joined the Night Sky Network since our 2,000 event milestone are:
Brevard Astronomical Society
Phoenix Astronomical Society
Lake County Astronomical Society
St. Louis Astronomical Society
StarGarden Foundation
Prescott Astronomy Club
ATOM Astronomy Club
Rockland Astronomy Club
Astronomical Society of New Haven
Warner Springs Ranch
John J. McCarthy Observatory
Champaign-Urbana Astronomical Society
Latin School Sidewalk Astronomy Club

NASA/JPL and the Astronomical Society of the Pacific would like to thank all of our participating clubs. If you would like to contact a club in your area to find out what kind of astronomy-related activities and programs are available visit our club directory.