Night Sky Network soars past 4,000 events

The StarForge Space and Astronomy Club of Sacramento, CA reaches 150 guests at a Girl Scout Space Camp held in Davis, CA as the club's president Mark Graybill shows an eager crowd of Girl Scouts how to use their "Where Are The Distant Worlds?" star maps. (Photo Credit: Kevin McCormac).

Many schools, museums, scouting troops, and other community groups are realizing that they have a fun, free and informative resource just a phone call away: their local astronomy club. The word is getting out as more and more events are being logged by Night Sky Network member clubs. Recent events logged by our members show how their hard work and love of astronomy paired with the Night Sky Network materials made their events a success.

"It was amazing how the kids reacted to the scale of the universe. The huge distances that we represented on the beach [of Lake Tahoe] gave them a feeling of how small our solar system is compared to the milky way and beyond. Great exercise." - Paul H. Guttman, Highlander Astronomical Society of Incline Village, NV

"The cry was "More... More... MORE!!" ... Although I started with a very basic program after everyone had a chance to solar view, the interest ran so high and the kids were so bright we just kept continuing! What had started off as around a 90 minute presentation while waiting on the skies to darken quickly turned into 2 hours as the kids were really getting into the program. The questions kept coming as trick after trick was pulled out of the "magic box" to help illustrate principles. Their interest was so keen I finally had to insist we stop with the program so they had a chance to view Jupiter before the clouds came back! Way to go, NSN... The kits continue to be of invaluable service in catching and keeping the interest of every possible group!" - Tammy J. Plotner, Warren Rupp Observatory of Mansfield, OH

Adding to our numbers; 21 clubs have joined the NSN since the 3,000 mark reached in February, 2006:
Astronomical Society of Rowan County of Mooresville, NC
Bucks-Mont Astronomical Association
of Chalfont, PA
Charlie Elliott Chapter of the Atlanta Astronomy Club
of Alpharetta, GA
Civil Air Patrol Myrtle Beach MER-SC-084
of Surfside Beach, SC
Decatur Area Astronomy Club
of Cerro Gordo, IL
H. J. Fowler Observatory
of Oakland, ME
Highlander Astronomical Society
of Incline Village, NV
Junior Astronomy Club of Connecticut
of East Haven ,CT
Magic Valley Astronomical Society
of Kimberly, ID
Mayfield High School Astronomy Club
of Mayfield Village, OH
Oak Ridge Isochronous Observation Network, Inc.
of Oak Ridge, TN
Ohio State University Astronomical Society
of Columbus, OH
Olympus Mons of Arlington, TX Robert Ferguson Observatory
of Glen Ellen, CA
Smoky Mountain Astronomical Society
of Knoxville, TN
StarForge: Space and Astronomy Club
of Sacramento, CA
The Albuquerque Astronomical Society
of Albuquerque, NM
The Quahadi Society, Inc.
of Quanah, TX
Tri-State Astronomers
of Hagerstown, MD
United Astronomy Clubs of New Jersey
of Hope, NJ
Winter Haven Astronomy Club
of Winter Haven, FL

The success of the Night Sky Network rests on the shoulders of our many member clubs. Since last February over a thousand events have been logged! Many of the events logged were hosted by "Stars of the Night Sky Network"; member clubs that have logged four or more public astronomy events in the past six months. Click here, to see if you have a "Star" club near you.

There are hundreds of astronomy clubs in the United States eager to serve the public. To find a Night Sky Network member club, visit our directory.