Over 400,000 People Served
The Charlie Elliott Chapter of the Atlanta Astronomy Club showed more than 75 people about eclipses at two great events in a single day. (Photo Credit: Larry Owens)

The Brazos Region Astronomy Service Society (BRASS) invited the city of Bryan, TX to view the Mercury Transit. Some 300 people attended and were treated to views of Mercury. Dennis L. Utley reports, "Newspaper coverage and radio announcements brought a range of ages to the campus to look through the filtered telescopes. Parents brought their children over after school let out in time to seen the transit at maximum. The hydrogen alpha telescope BRASS won from Night Sky Network is still a hit."

The Hawaiian Astronomical Society participated in the Lacy Veach Day of Discovery in Honolulu, HI, attracting 304 people to their booth. John P. Gallagher and seven other members presented an engaging demonstration. "The Black Hole Demo Kit with the board, marbles and magnets (Find the Black Hole) was itself like a magnet for the children who had more fun than a barrel of monkeys. As reported last year, there was a continuous line waiting to try their luck. This is a Win Win situation. If you can't find a Black Hole, your spacecraft made a safe journey and if you found a Black Hole - well that was the purpose! "

In Illinois, the Hinsdale Public Library excited 100 people during a cloudy Astronomy night by turning it into a fun night of activities with Night Sky Network ToolKits. Debra Lazar-Pearl raves, "Again, perfect fit for our audience. The shadows, moon phases was perfect for approx 60 girl scouts who came as guests in advance of our public program. The weather was rain - so, no observing - but we had a lot of interest in the upcoming transit of Mercury - both from middle schoolers and also the high school."

To find out about more exciting astronomy events in your area, contact a Night Sky Network club close to you. You can find them here.