Fun Demonstrations Turn Even Cloudy Nights into Stellar Astronomy Events
Sunset at AZ Desert Botanical Gardens
(Credit: Rod Sutter of the Phoenix Astronomical Society)

The Night Sky Network helps astronomy clubs tackle even the rainiest of nights with finesse. Member clubs have many activities up their sleeves to entertain and educate you no matter what the weather. Astronomy clubs use these demonstrations during clear evenings to explain what you are looking at through the telescopes. When we are not able to observe, they can be a fun way to inspire you to come back for clear skies!

Joan Chamberlin from Astronomical Society of Northern New England in Kennebunk, ME tells how the demonstrations saved a rainy Cub Scout Party: "They were very excited about spinning the balls and the activity about how stars wobble kept their attention really well. These Night Sky Network activities saved the night, since there wasn't much else we could show them with such crummy sky except to explain how the telescopes worked. Everyone had a great time and many of the parents plan to bring the kids back on a public viewing night when the stars are visible."

Maryann Hartwick of the Southeast Ohio Astronomical Society in Athens, OH says, "People have so many questions! The toolkits are really helpful in providing easy ways to explain what could be very complicated things. Thanks!"

Don Baker of the San Antonio Astronomical Association reports, "Clouds prevented viewing, but everyone had a great time visiting with club members and looking at and through some scopes. We also had a great presentation with the NSN supplies. They have been a great help for those cloudy nights!"

Attend a local star party and see how much fun you can have under the stars or even inside. To find an astronomy club near you, click here .