Astronomy Day 2007
The Sally Ride Festival at Arizona State University drew 1000 visitors to the
Phoenix Astronomical Society booth.
(Credit: Rod Sutter/PAS)

April 21st is Astronomy Day, so be sure to find out what your local club has planned for that celebration. Night Sky Network clubs are committed to sharing the beauty of the daytime and nighttime sky with everyone. These ambitious clubs have introduced hundreds of people to astronomy and just keep spreading the word. Astronomy Day is a big celebration in many areas. Whether in a planetarium show, at a daytime festival, or out under the stars, many dedicated clubs are promoting astronomy Big Time. Here are just a few examples of what these clubs do every day of the year.

Todd Ullery of the York County Astronomical Society in York, PA showed the night sky to over 150 people, both inside and outside: "The planetarium show was filled at capacity for all three shows of the night. The presentation was on how to become a star watcher by exploring the current night sky at the planetarium, locate visible planets and constellations, and enjoy some sky lore. The public received a star map to take home. After the programs telescopes were set up for people to see the planet Saturn."

From the Brazosport Astronomy Club in Clute, TX, Diana K. Klebenow knows what a crowd-pleaser Saturn can be at an elementary school star party for 150 students. "It started off very cloudy, but cleared enough for Venus, the Moon, Saturn, & Orion's Nebula to show well, along with several full constellations. The crowd was very enthusiastic! There were many questions - one young fellow asked if Saturn was inside the telescope!"

The Lehigh Valley Amateur Astronomical Society Inc. in Allentown, PA has noticed a big difference now that they use Night Sky Network demonstrations. Mike Tapper tells us how things are changing for their club: "Since we began to make Night Sky Network presentations a part of our club's monthly public star parties, our attendance has skyrocketed to the point where we can no longer fit all the folks who come into our planetarium. Therefore, beginning in January 2007 we started offering the Night Sky Network presentations TWICE during each monthly star party in order to accommodate everyone who turns out."

Join the crowd and see what all the excitement is about.
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