Over 700,000 Served
This year, the Westminster Astronomical Society had
big things happening with little people
(Credit: Skip Bird)

Over 700,000 have been served..not hamburgers, but people, by members of the Night Sky Network. Check out the big events the Night Sky Network affiliated amateur astronomer clubs around the United States have made. These clubs making a huge impact to bring you a better understanding of astronomy and the science and inspiration of NASA's exciting missions.

The Westminster Astronomical Society (WAS) in Maryland, recently entertained over 2,000 visitors to the National Air & Space Museum. WAS member Skip Bird stated: "... visitors were treated to an unusual sight. An alien spacecraft was sighted inside the National Air & Space Museum's Udvar-Hazy Center. A wide range of professionals, trained observers and members of the center's staff witnessed this event. Not since the 1950's have so many people claimed to have seen an alien spacecraft." They had hung a small model of the Enterprise starship from an upper story balcony and Skip had his telescope focused on it, much to the delight of visitors.

Carol Ludolph and the Willingboro Astronomical Society of New Jersey held an event for 500 Girls Scouts, giving some their first look through a telescope. Carol said, "I lost track of the number of statements like 'Oh my gosh, cool, wow, Is that a picture and it doesn't look real.'"

JanaRuth Ford of the Barnard-Seyfert Astronomical Society in Tennessee, told us: "Around 300 showed up for the eclipse on the MTSU campus. Clouds rolled in about halfway through the event, but the sky completely cleared in time for all to view the final few minutes before totality. We had positive feedback from students who usually find astronomy boring as well as curious on-lookers stopping by to ask questions. We also had a first! One student brought his girlfriend along because he decided that since Valentine's Day comes every year it would be even more special to propose to her under the much rarer eclipsing Moon. I'm happy to report that they are now engaged!"

We don't guarantee you'll find your star-mate or spot a UFO. We do however want you to enjoy the fun and excitement of astronomy. Find an astronomy club near you and be a part of something really big.