Hubble Completes 100k Orbit

The region depicted in this photo taken by NASA's HST
is in the Large Magellanic Cloud (LMC),
a satellite of our Milky Way galaxy.

Check out the Hubble Space Telescope and what it has to offer with the assistance of amateur astronomer clubs affiliated with the Night Sky Network. These member clubs help you to gain an understanding of astronomy and the science and inspiration of NASA's exciting missions, like Hubble.

Tanner Vance of the San Angelo Astronomy Association in Texas had this to say regarding Hubble:
"Boy Scout Troop 321 was in charge of the Night Sky activities, directed by Andy. The Scouts drew out the diameters of several popular telescopes including Hubble, allowing our visitors to participate in the hands on activity. They were very encouraged and asked good questions with a lot of interaction. The Scouts worked well with the younger children and got them involved."

Using a DVD promoting the Hubble Space Telescope, Ronald Vogt of the Sheep Hill Astronomical Association of New Jersey presented a demonstration of telescopes used as time machines and engaged a group with the stating:
"Hubble presentations are always a big hit."

William Johnson of the Stonebelt Stargazers in Indiana handed out Hubble Space Telescope lithographs during their club's annual event. William stated: "Everyone said they had a wonderful time. Every year now we have a number of people that schedule their camping vacations around our celebration. We have several things going on during the 2 days including speakers, a planetarium show, various presentations and a star party."

If you are interested in the Hubble or have a yearning for what else is up in our night sky, find an astronomy club near you, so they can help you find your way.