Coming to a Sidewalk Near You: A Telescope!
At the Alexander Hamilton Memorial library in Pennsylvania, a young observer looks into an eyepiece and is inspired by seeing the Moon. Telescope courtesy of the Tri-State Astronomers of Maryland.
(Credit: Andy Smetzer)

100 Hours of Astronomy is a global event which takes place between Thursday, April 2nd and Sunday, April 5th. Take advantage of this unique opportunity to gaze into an eyepiece and discover the Universe for yourself!

Here are a few examples of what you'll see and do during the 100 Hours of Astronomy from astronomy clubs around the nation.

Rebecca Saflarski of the City Lights Astronomical Society for Students of Illinois stated: "I got the biggest WOW when I let two girls experiment with different eyepieces and they were able to see way across the road to the barn. They learned about Women in Astronomy and what our jobs were like 400 years ago vs today. The girls did not realize just how much we as females had an impact on astronomy."

Allen Ball of the Cumberland Astronomical Society held a star party at Moss Wright Park in Tennessee. He said this about the event: "We had a great day in the park. We were able to show the public the Sun and our Moon during the day. We also had some great looks of Saturn during the evening. Fun for all attending!"

At the Hamblen Elementary School in Washington, Debbie Cotten of the Spokane Astronomical Society shared this with us: "We had an incredible night looking at Saturn. This is always a wonderful way to introduce astronomy to both kids and adults. Before total darkness, we looked at some bright stars and the Dumbbell Nebula. The kids really had fun."

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While you're at it, check out your local astronomy club and find out where they will be setting up telescopes for you during the 100 Hours of Astronomy.