Seen Any Stars Lately?
Passers-by marvel at their first time view of the night sky.
(Credit: Cameron Hummels)

Cameron Hummels of Columbia University Public Outreach in New York exclaimed: "This is the only night of clear weather we had for our 4-day 100 Hours of Astronomy event. Fortunately, we got a great response from the community with hundreds of passersby stopping to look through our telescopes at Saturn and the Moon. There is nothing like showing someone a glimpse of the heavens for the first time through a telescope. It was even more rewarding because people kept thanking us on behalf of their entire community. What a great night!"

Mark Bolliger of the Colorado River Astronomy Club in California stated: "It is always amazing to see people observing the Moon and Saturn for the very first time. We live in a small community. When we made them aware of the international aspect of the party it made them feel good about being involved."

Brian Gray of the of the Wilderness Center Astronomy Club in Ohio had this to say about their latest Night Sky Network Glass & Mirrors ToolKit demonstration showing how refractor and reflector telescopes work: "The adults seem to be just as amazed as the kids when looking through the telescope models and seeing how they really worked."

Find out about this month's International Year of Astronomy Featured Observing Object: The Whirlpool Galaxy by using this guide and discover the excitement of the International Year of Astronomy.

While you're at it, check out your local astronomy club and find out when and where they will be showing you how a telescope works so you can explore the night sky yourself.