Over 1,000,000!
This child is carefully cutting out a star finder, known as a planisphere.
At an Astronomy Day event in New York, the Amateur Observers' Society of NY
members were teaching children how to recognize constellations.
(Credit: Linda Prince)
Over 1,000,000 pairs of eyes are enjoying the day and night sky, thanks to the tireless membership of the Night Sky Network. The Night Sky Network (NSN) began five years ago with a core group of amateur and professional astronomers and educators, working with NASA at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, California.

Since its inception some five years ago, the NSN has grown to over 300 amateur astronomy clubs across the United States. This cadre of dedicated amateur astronomers are selflessly sharing a wealth of their knowledge, telescopes and time.

Here are some examples of how exciting the Night Sky Network program is, from learning about the planets in our solar system to simply explaining in plain english the mystery of black holes and supernovae.

Don Baker of the San Antonio Astronomical Association in Texas, stated: "When a guest asked about supernovae, I was able to explain the process from what I learned by watching the video from the new matierials you sent us."

Two young members, Brittany and Emily, of the Norman North Astronomy Club in Oklahoma, used their Dark Skies Awareness PowerPoint presentation for 5th grade students at the local library and performed demonstrations using props from the kit. Eileen Grzybowski of the Norman club observed: "They received rave reviews, answered many questions about light pollution, and the kids overwhelmed the librarian with requests for astronomy books."

From Tammy Plotner of the Warren Rupp Observatory in Ohio, had this to say about the Night Sky Network: "Many, many thanks to all the materials and handouts sent from NSN resources! Our "Sun Day" began at midnight with happy kids at telescopes and they were back at dawn again! By the time the Sun was high enough to observe, they were actively participating in any outdoor activity we could come up with. The International Year of Astronomy event "100 Hours of Astronomy" was a blast for everyone!

Many of these fantastic resources are free and available for download here:

We salute the Night Sky Network membership for all the effort and passion they share with you in your community.

Search for a local astronomy club near you to find out how over one million pair of eyes became inspired.