Announcing New and Expanded Night Sky Network Website Coming December 1st!
Here's the new Club Coordinator's Home Page on NSN: Still the same choices as before,
but with many more services to save time managing club events

If you like the NASA Night Sky Network now, just wait 'til you see what you can do starting December 1st!

The new online services will allow you to save time managing club events and keeping club records.

Do you have trouble keeping your website calendar up-to-date; or getting the word out quickly when an event is canceled or re-scheduled? Can you easily compile a list of members and all their hours of volunteer service? The new online services make all of this a snap.

Watch the introductory video on YouTube:

NEW! Find the PowerPoint and Download Script for PPT to introduce the new NSN to your club:

Please note, *NIGHT SKY NETWORK WILL BE UNAVAILABLE Nov 30 through Dec 1 at 5 PM*

On November 30th at 10:00 am Pacific the Night Sky Network website will be shut down to convert to the new version.
Then on December 1st by 5:00 pm Pacific the updated Night Sky Network will be launched!

Be sure to inform all your members who will be most interested in learning more about the new features to assist your club with managing your events and member records. Your Membership Coordinator, Treasurer, (yes, Treasurer) Webmaster, Publicity Committee and other Board members can find the tools here to make their jobs easier.

You can use any or all of the new services - the system is very versatile!

We know you'll have lots of questions. You can always email us at

Make sure and mark your calendar for the November 19th telecon with Dr. Jon Jenkins on the Kepler Mission.