Find local Astronomy Events!
At the state fair in Maryland,
the Westminster Astronomical Society, Inc. provided safe solar telescopes.
(Credit: Malcolm Willette)

"I'm really loving Night Sky Network for managing outreach events."
- Houston Astronomical Society

"Wonderful! Navigation is simple, the wealth of information is fantastic!"
- Astronomical Society of Greater Hartford

From the New York Skies to San Antonio to Hawaii, the new Night Sky Network makes it easy to find or request an event from your local astronomy club.

You can also:

As an example say you were traveling to sunny Santa Barbara, California on the first of January.
The Santa Barbara Astronomical Unit held this event at a resort and spa on New Years Day.

Or possibly you're vacationing in Fort Lauderdale, Florida on January 30th. The South Florida Amateur Astronomers Association (SFAAA) will be holding their Saturday Public Observing Night that evening at 6:30 PM.

If you'd like to find out more about these new easy to use services <a data-cke-saved-href="" href="%20" "target="_blank">watch this video on the "About The Network" page.