Discover the Suns!
(Credit: R. Christian Bruggeman) R. Christian Bruggeman of the Oklahoma City Astronomy Club visited his daughter's classroom at Dennis Elementary, and ended up spending several hours sharing the Sun and blue sky: "The teacher told me afterward that she was thrilled and had to contain her excitement to see our own Sun for the first time through a solar filter."

Want to see the Sun ... or other suns? Find your local astronomy club and check their event calendar.
You'll be certain to see at least one sun - day or night!

Are you in Washington State? Find out if the Sun determines our seasons with the Tacoma Astronomical Society

Every Saturday the South Florida Amateur Astronomers Association holds public observing of our Sun and other stars. Click here to see one of their upcoming events.

If you're in Missouri, take a mid-week break and observe the skies with the St. Louis Astronomical Society on a Wednesday evening in late February.

No matter where you are, the Sun and other suns that we call "stars" are out there somewhere.

Night Sky Network clubs are looking forward to sharing it all with you. Contact them now!