Celebrate Global Astronomy Month with the World!
The Global Astronomy Month logo is based on an original concept by Azhy Hasan (Iraq) and was created by Jessi Kingan (USA/Thailand) with input from many Astronomers Without Borders leaders from around the world.

Amateur astronomers around the world will be sharing their telescopes with neighbors and friends during April, Global Astronomy Month. In the United States, astronomy clubs are packing the Night Sky Network calendar with hundreds of exciting events that you can attend. You don't need a telescope to go to an event and you don't need to know a thing about astronomy. The clubs have the telescopes and they'll help you identify constellations and planets. Just go out, observe and have fun! If you're short on time, or can't leave home, participate by dimming the lights you don't need during International Dark Sky Week, April 4-10, 2010. Enjoy these resources: