November 18, 2010 Telecon: Cosmic Disasters, Real and Imagined with Dr. Alan Harris
Credit: Alan Harris

Members of the Night Sky Network joined us for an evening of Cosmic Disasters, Real and Imagined on Thursday, November 18th, 6 pm Pacific - 9 pm Eastern. This was an excellent way to kick off our new Space Rocks ToolKit.

Dr. Alan Harris is a Senior Research Scientist at the Space Science Institute and was trained as a theorist, specifically in orbital dynamics, but quickly came to appreciate the need to tie theory to observations, and likewise to direct the course of observations by theoretical considerations. The most substantial of these has been a broad study of the hazard of impacts on the Earth by asteroids or comets, and what to do about it.

Dr. Harris' presentation evaluated the present and future ground-based surveys and implications of a large increase in near-earth asteroid discovery rate.

Find PowerPoint for Dr. Alan Harris' presentation here:

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