A Baby Black Hole & Supernova 1979C<p>
M100, the spiral galaxy where SN1979 is located
photo credit: http://chandra.harvard.edu

Did you know that amateur astronomers discover amazing objects in the sky that often further scientific inquiry? For example, a supernova called SN1979C was first discovered by amateur astronomer Gus Johnson. SN1979C is where the youngest newly formed black hole (just 30 years old) may have been found.  The supernova and its black hole are in a galaxy 50 million light years away called M100, in the direction of the Virgo constellation.  Exciting stuff, right?

Want more on the baby black hole? Take A Tour of SN1979C from the Chandra X-Ray Observatory, read NASA's Chandra Finds Youngest Nearby Black Hole, and use this black hole map to get an idea of where the black holes are throughout the year.

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