Welcome Winter, Welcome Summer!<p>
Snowflake A Macro
Photo: nathanial burton-bradford

Interested in the change of the seasons? Enjoy the seasons with astronomical flair! First, get inspired by these fabulous views of earth on JPL's Change of Seasons, Views from Space. Then, share a photograph of how the seasons look where you live. For example, the photo above was submitted. It's a real snowflake that was shot on a wooly glove. You can see fibers of the glove at the bottom left. This photo is part of the JPL Seasons with NASAJPL Education Flickr group.

Want more? Watch What Causes Earth's Seasons?, a short video by Ignite Learning. Find activities in The Reasons for the Seasons, an article written by the folks at Morehead Planetarium in North Carolina.

Starting in January, we'll be writing about the change of the seasons different planets, so stay tuned.

Keep up with stargazing and get to know the celestial changes by season. Find an astronomy club now!

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