Bringing NASA into Your Classroom<p>
The NASA Night Sky Network was recently featured in 365 Days of Astronomy, the fabulous podcast that brings us a podcast a day for every day of the year. Tony Rice, Night Sky Network member of the Chapel Hill Astronomical and Observational Society, and JPL Solar System Ambassador, recorded a podcast about resources available to educators called Bringing NASA into your Classroom.

The NSN administrative team called Tony to thank him for doing the podcast, and he told the team that the reason he did the podcast was to connect teachers, in particular elementary school teachers, to science resources. Tony told us that if teachers have resources, including lesson plans, they'll be more likely to teach science in the classroom. So we hope these resources support teachers, amateur astronomers, and whoever else wants to use them!

Want more educational resources?
Check out the Astronomical Society of the Pacific's educational activities and resources. And, of course, search the Night Sky Network's resources.

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