Star Light, Star Bright, Can You See the Stars Tonight?<p>
The sky belongs to all of us, but imagine a sky where stars will no longer be visible. Unfortunately, it's getting more and more difficult to see stars in the night sky because of light pollution. What can you do? Start by participating in GLOBE at Night. GLOBE at Night is an annual citizen-science campaign that encourages people all over the world to record the brightness of their night sky. Join the 6th worldwide GLOBE at Night 2011 campaign: Feb. 21 - March 6, by getting started on the GLOBE at Night website. You can record your measurements from your computer or mobile device on the webapp.

Want more?

Take your friends and family to a Night Sky Network Star Party. You'll get to see stars and planets through telescopes and club members will be able to answer your questions about light pollution.

Read Yosemite Back to the Future: Chronicle 2 - Save Our Night Sky! by Yosemite Institute educator Katie Wallace.

Get fast and easy dark sky updates on the International Dark-Sky Association Facebook Page.

You can find lots of resources on this Night Sky Network page, including a PowerPoint, Dark Skies Ranger Program link and more GLOBE at Night information.

We're looking forward to your participation in GLOBE at Night and wish you a dark sky!