Celebrate the Sun-Earth Day and the Equinox with NASA!<p>
Artist's depiction of a telescope in orbit around Earth. (Credit: RHESSI)

Do you celebrate the March equinox? In ancient cultures it was more common for people to acknowledge and celebrate the equinox, because understanding what was happening with the planets, the sun, and the moon was important for agriculture. March was (and is) the beginning of the planting season, at least in the northern hemisphere. And many people still celebrate the equinox. You'll enjoy reading Dr. Sten Odenwald's article, Ancient Astronomical Alignments for more details.

You'll find lots about Sun-Earth Day at the Year of the Solar System site. The theme for March is Ancient Astronomers / Modern Tools: Celebrating Sun-Earth Day. And if you're an educator, you may like the Traditions of the Sun book, which meets California state educational standards for 4th-6th graders. And there's a live web cast on March 19th and plenty of podcasts.

Find out more about the equinox and other astronomical events by going to a star party. They're fun and free! If you're an educator contact a local club and they'll be happy to give a presentation at your school.

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