Beyond Earth Hour<p>
It's time to shut off as many lights as possible at 8:30 pm, your local time on Saturday, March 26, 2011. Earth Hour, an international effort that began in Australia, has spurred the question, "What do we do beyond turning out our lights for an hour?" For inspiration, go to the Earth Hour website where you can commit to an action and "like" other people's actions. Actions can be simple, like turning lights off when you leave a room. You could go on a plastic diet like someone in Perth, Australia, or commit to using a cloth bag for shopping like someone in Lehore, Pakistan. In Singapore someone commited to go paperless, and someone in Kailua, Hawaii, is trying to cut down on generating trash, after finding out their trash will be sent to Oahu, the mainland, because there's no room for trash in Kailua. What are your ideas?

A great place to start is with the GLOBE at Night, a citizen science project that encourages people all over the world to record the brightness of their night sky. It starts March 22 and runs through April 4 for the northern hemisphere and starts March 24 through April 6 for the southern hemisphere. Get started on the GLOBE at Night website. You can record your measurements from your computer or mobile device on the web app. Another idea is to take your friends and family to a Night Sky Network Star Party. You'll get to see stars and planets through telescopes and club members will know be able to answer your questions about light pollution.

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