Celebrate Global Astronomy Month this April with Astronomy Heroes!<p>

"The Astronomy Heroes are here!"

That's what a kid told his mom at an Oklahoma City Astronomy Club star party. Her son had been to a star party before, so he knew how fantastic looking through a scope can be. You may be wondering, why go to a star party? They're exciting, inspiring, and unlike any other experience. Looking through a telescope fires up the imagination, and gives you a sense of awe. Plus, you realize that everyday people, like amateur astronomers, can be heroes.

We don't want you to think star parties are only for kids. At a San Francisco Amateur Astronomer's star party outside of the DeYoung Museum, a woman in her 60's told a club member, "This is my first time seeing the moon this close!"
She was completely taken aback by the clarity of the moon's surface as seen through the telescope.
Going to an astronomy event is great for everyone, no matter what age you are.

Global Astronomy Month is the perfect time to go to a Night Sky Network club's star party.
From Los Angeles to Geneva, IL, to New York City you can find a star party. Check the calendar for an event near you. Maybe you'll join an astronomy club and become an Astronomy Hero yourself!

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